icon girl pistols

Shinnosuke (vocal&guitar) / Yusuke (drums) / Christopher (bass) / Takashi (guitar)

2009年に1stアルバム”New Currency”、
2011年にミニアルバム”Goodbye Donuts (Hey, Statue of Liberty)”をリリース。
2013年にはAbbey Road StudiosによるマスタリングのセルフタイトルEP”ICON GIRL PISTOLS”をリリース。

Icon Girl Pistols is an indie rock group formed in Tokyo in 2008.
With a blend of musical influences both modern and traditional, and
narrative lyrics featuring mysterious characters faced with
the complexities of love and society, IGP have created a unique sound that
reinvents the folk tradition with a distinct alternative edge.

2009: “New Currency”
2010: 12 monthly singles released for free d/l
2011: “Goodbye Donuts (Hey, Statue of Liberty)”
2013: “Icon Girl Pistols EP”
2016: “The Man Named Mosaic”
2018: “Adolescence”